Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020 – The Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020 - The Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Allow me to end the search if you do not know where to start as an affiliate marketer. In this Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020, you will agree with me that it is the best affiliate program for beginners. It does not matter whether you do not have a clue about making money online with affiliate marketing or blogging or building and owning websites. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform built to help you easily learn all you need to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) platform has since its inception received over 2 million users, many of whom are making a full-time income online. The majority of people that joined WA had no prior experience, knowledge and skill about affiliate marketing or making money online. Testimonies shared show that presently, they are making a full-time income with some making over $10,000 a month.

At the moment, I am also an online marketer enjoying every bit of my journey online. With absolutely no skills at all on building websites, I was able to set up my first one and I intend to keep building more, and assisting others to create their own.Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020 – The Best Affiliate Program for Beginners

Wealthy Affiliate was started by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim in 2005.  It has since become a top platform where aspiring affiliate marketers can access high-quality keywords and be part of a large community of like-minded people who willingly share valuable information.


Before we go further, I want you to understand four important points:

  • In order to learn, you need to dedicate time in training, asking questions and most importantly taking action.
  • As a starter member, you do not need to pay cash. It is all FREE! But I do encourage you to go Premium.
  • Create goals and make sure your stay focused on them.
  • I pledge to be your coach or mentor, to encourage and guide you to become an affiliate marketer.

The Success Story

Since 2005, when Wealthy Affiliate was started, it has hosted on its platform by far the largest affiliate marketing community in the world. It has cultivated and harboured a platform where those that are succeeding naturally give back, in the process help others succeed, and the “pay it forward” mentality continues. There are regular updates of new success stories being shared at Wealthy Affiliate.

Free Starter Membership – What is it For You

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to try out its platform before you fully commit to being a full-time member.

I wish to share with you the benefits you will enjoy.

  • Ten lessons of Level 1 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training.
  • Ten lessons of Phase1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp Training.
  • Access to two classrooms that evolve daily
  • Create two websites from one platform in SiteRubix
  • Access to Beautiful Website Designs
  • Access to the World’s only all-inclusive domain platform
  • Virus and Malware protection
  • Access to the Ultimate Writing Platform
  • Content structures and layouts for efficiency
  • 30 keyword searches using the amazing Jaaxy Keyword and Research Platform
  • 30 scans find out where your website is ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo with Jaaxy SiteRank
  • 7 days of Live and Instant Support
  • Business networking the most successful group of Internet marketers
  • Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Program that can instantly earn you money and a recurring income stream.

Premium Membership – Awesome for You

The offer for startup membership is good as seen from the benefits I indicated above. Your progress as an affiliate marketer can only be accelerated by paying up as a premium member. The annual subscription is the best if you are to make an average to get the monthly payment. It is less than a dollar a day. This fee has not changed since 2005 despite the constant improvement in technology.

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership fees are the lowest on the market and I will be sharing this information in my subsequent posts. There is value for money given the level of training of business techniques and strategies; and offers on this sophisticated platform. You even get private access to one-on-one mentoring from the founders Kyle and Carson, who have over 20 years of combined experience in Internet Business.

There is the SiteRubix Website Suite is unmatched in the industry which offers you advanced platforms like:

SiteEngage which helps build trust and rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo!
SiteFeedback where you benefit from a huge number of comments from community members.
SiteSupport where you get instant access to a 24/7/365 expert support services whenever you get any website or hosting issues; with an average response of 5 minutes.

Since keywords drive web traffic of targeted customers to your website for free, you need a dependable keyword research tool. As a premium member, you have unlimited keyword searches, even getting access to competition information that is helpful in finding and choosing the right keywords.

As a premium member, you get to access the weekly Interactive Live Video classes which have a segment for questions and answers. The good thing is that these classes are recorded and you can always watch these videos at your own convenient time. They tackle a new topic every sitting with new business ideas that can help your online business prosper.

Price: $495 per year
$93 off (basically a 2-month discount)
Free .com Domain ($14 value), 100 Community Credits, Bonus Live Class (AMA With Kyle, Succeeding in 2020)

The Live Chat – Get Instant Feedback

This is a great tool to have on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, where one can instantly get feedback on anything like business tips, inquires, scam alerts, knowledge or even networking.

Others have gone ahead to call it a relaxing area, where they read real-time conversations of members spread across the globe like greetings, jokes, news, experiences, critique, compliments, frustrations, among many!

The Live Chat is open for all Wealthy Affiliate members whether Starter members or premium members and is open 24/7. The important element with Live Chat is that you get HELP instantly as you engage with the best in the Internet business-like

senior members, ambassadors as well as the Wealthy Affiliate co-founders, Kyle and Carson.

It should be noted, however, that promoting other products to members or getting links to assist members outside Wealthy Affiliate is not allowed! This also goes for spamming, insulting any member or using inappropriate language.

TIP: Chatting can be addictive, so do not get caught in conversations that will eat away your valuable time meant for training, creating content and building your business/website.

Affiliate Programs – Selected for You

Incorporated within the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the Affiliate Programs search service that makes selecting the appropriate affiliate program of your website much easier.

You can easily identify the popular categories, popular keywords, trending opportunities; affiliate programs with high commissions, percentages and the top-rated ones.

The Help Centre – Find Help Fast

As you learn and go about your business, you will run into a few hiccups. The Help Centre is where you go to for solutions.

It has Site Support which handles all the technical issues that you make get with your website. Once you have registered your issue, it does not normally exceed 5 minutes before you are given feedback.

Other options at your disposal are the Live Chat, Ask a Question and Private Message.

You can also get in touch with your Premium Coaches or try to reach out to the Top Helpers of the day.

Conclusion on Wealthy Affiliate & Special Bonus

Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2018, I have enjoyed the training, personal support, the blogs and help by the community and results are beginning to show. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you join this platform and reach unbelievable heights in affiliate marketing.

Take advantage of the over 4.39billion internet users and let Wealthy Affiliate guide you along the money-making journey with their state of the art platform.

===> Click Here to Join Wealthy Affiliate for $0 Membership Fee  <===

Claim your Bonus

When you are done opening a free starter account, expect a bonus when you go Premium within the first seven days. You get a 59% discount on your premium membership for the first month, that is only $19, and you will be assured of personal and private assistance from me. So if you ever have a question or need help with your campaigns, I will be at your service.

Wealthy Affiliate

$0, $49 & $495










  • Instant Help and Support
  • Build Websites with Ease
  • Achieving Your Online Business Goals
  • Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes


  • NONE

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  1. Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful article. Through your article I have learned more about how to do affiliate marketing and how to do affiliate marketing very easily. One of the easiest ways to do affiliate marketing is by Wealthy Affiliate. I hope through this website I can easily do affiliate marketing for those who have come to do new affiliate marketing. I myself do affiliate marketing through this website and there are numerous tutorials through which people can easily learn affiliate marketing.

    • Thank you, Arzu, for your comment. I am glad to know that you are into affiliate marketing and most importantly, that you have checked out my post and liked it. 
      Wealthy Affiliate remains the premier platform for both new and seasoned affiliate marketers. 

  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing with us such an amazing review about Wealthy Affiliate. 

    It’s first time when i read review in 2020 about this platform and i can say that is the best. I’m a premium member on Wealthy Affiliate since October 2019. Here i find how to create my own business and earn some passive income. Now I can say that joining on this platform was my best decision i ever made. All the training’s program and the people from there will help every new member to improve their knowledge’s and have reach their goals.

    If you don’t mind, i will share this article on my social media account where i have a lot of friends who want to start an online business. Thanks again for this and wish you all the best ! 

    • Nimrodngy, I am glad that this is the first post with a review in 2020 about affiliate marketing that you have read. It is also pleasing to know that you are already a premium member at WA for 3 months now. 
      Thank you for joining me in sharing a positive testimony about WA. Please proceed to share this article with your friends. They need to know about this wonderful platform. 
      I appreciate your comment.

  3. Thanks for this review of Wealthy Affiliate platform for 2020. It seems that every time I get a chance to catch up with that platform there are new innovations and features that have been added. I check in every once in a while to see what is new, and the owners have never failed to surprise me.

    Your review shows me that the platform once again has what it takes to remain the number one place to learn everything about affiliate marketing and also get your own business started using all the tools and resources that are available wight within Wealthy Affiliate.

    Anyone considering entering the online business world in the affiliate marketing segment would do well for themselves to join the 2 million other members who have learned the ropes. I can think of no better place to get started. Your update was helpful and I will pass it on to friends!


    • Dave, WA has consistently improved its platform so, it should not surprise you when you regularly find new changes. They always want to stay ahead of the rest and give its users a wonderful experience.
      I am yet to find a better platform than Wealthy Affiliate and indeed, it is the best place to get started and keep your business running.
      I appreciate that you spared your time to leave me a comment on this post.

  4. Hello there, thanks for this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.i have been in wealthy affiliate for some time now and I must say that I have had no cause to regret because for anything I need to know, I can easily learn….it the best for beginners.

    • Ben, it is my pleasure that you find this article awesome! The idea is to make sure that it helps as many people as it possibly can. There is so much room in the affiliate marketing space so I wish many could join.
      Seasoned affiliate marketers have given positive reviews of WA and have recruited many who have in turn become affiliate marketing gurus. 

  5. Hi! Very great article about best affiliate program for beginners – I as well started with online moneymaking few years ago. I forgot how many platforms I changed  because all other were just promising instant success, but ofcourse that didn’t happened.. but then wealthy affiliate came across, and I said why not – one year and couple months later – I finally see real success and earning everyday has become a routine now – newbies, go for wealthy affiliate- it is the best platform if you are a beginner.


    Primoz P.

    • Primoz, thank you for sharing your experience with online money making. Many platforms offer shinny objects but which have no real value. They overhype how they can make you instant millionaires which is never the case. Besides, they have insufficient training that they offer, their high price put aside. 
      The testimony of your success with WA is much appreciated.

  6. Hey, I found wealthy affiliate is the best training program online. I learn a lot from wealthy affiliate and now using my knowledge to grow my business online. You are also doing awesome work by sharing your guide on wealthy affiliate. I hope everyone will want to join this unique program to learn and grow their business online. I am very thankful to Kyle and Carson for crating such useful program.

    • Parveen, the testimony of how WA is working for you helps to build confidence in the prospective members, who are trying to make up their minds on whether they should join or not.
      Thank you for leaving me this comment.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with you that it is the best affiliate program for beginners. Wealthy Affiliate is a stage worked to help you effectively become familiar with all you have to succeed. Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2019, I have delighted in the preparation, individual help, the web journals and help by the network and results are starting to appear. Wealthy Affiliate is a big platform for me and I feel very blessed to be a member of this platform.

    • Nice to meet you, Sabrina. I am glad we are on the same team; sharing the same state of the art platform. I joined when I was green about building websites and affiliate marketing. My belief that affiliate marketing was for computer geeks was trashed.  
      I am glad you are enjoying your time with WA and I can assure you, it will always get better and better.

  8. Thank you so much,

    A great and very detailed article with lots of information about how to join WA Affiliate program as well as the information that you get once you join.

    What I really liked about your article is sharing to others the varying packs that people can choose which is important. It allows people to make a choice on their own without thinking that it is all easy. By showing that it takes hard work and the goal that other have achieved is perfectly honest.

    Whilst I have joined WA your article made me believe even more that I have made the right decision.

    Thank you

    • Imelda, it is good to know that you are part of Wealthy Affiliate and you acknowledge that it is the right decision. 
      The annual subscription was increased this month for the first time since 2005. However, despite the change in price, the overall package improved. There is a lot to benefit from the platform during the subscription period.
      Thank you for leaving me an invaluable comment.


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