Vorwerk MLM Review – Is This A Scam?

Vorwerk MLM Review – Is This A Scam?

In this Vorwerk MLM review, we shall provide all the information you need to confirm this company that has been selling home appliances for a while now is a scam or not. I will also share with you my own rating with reasons why.

Vorwerk MLM, Product Overview

Vorwerk was founded in Wuppertal, Germany in 1883 by brothers Carl and Adolf Vorwerk specializing mainly in high-quality vacuum cleaners. They found success after they started direct selling through demonstrations as well as online marketing. It is a family business that now has over 623,000 employees.

Vorwerk Kobosan Active 2.5KG (5 X 500G)
Vorwerk Kobosan Active 2.5KG

Vorwerk has three main product groups; Kobold that handles vacuum cleaners, Thermomix, which processes high-quality kitchen appliances and Jafra, which deals with beauty and health products.

If you can truly set your own sales goals, you only need to force yourself to be active. This means that Vorwerk sellers can truly be flexible in their plans.

The company boasts of having achieved its target in 2018, of using 10% more renewable energy in our total electricity supply as well as significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions per million euros of revenue. They are in total compliance with environmental and social standards.

The Good and the Bad About Vorwerk MLM

The Good About Vorwerk MLM

  • Sales at Vorwerk are demonstration-based and not under high pressure.
  • Vorwerk products are of high quality.
  • Vorwerk is a professional approach to everything and they like their sellers to be passionate about the area in which they work, as you can see from the British promotion above.
  • It seems that after training and working with Vorwerk products, you can rise to the level of manager and benefit from the sales of the people you manage.
  • Unlike most MLMs, Vorwerk does it much better by focusing on selling the product not recruiting.

The Bad About Vorwerk MLM

  • The products are expensive.
  • You are limited by their range.
  • They also sell online, so direct salespeople do not have a monopoly.
  • It takes some time to gain knowledge about the product and make the first sale. Vorwerk revenue may take some time to go through
  • The range of products that you can sell at Vorwerk is limited. This means that when the products you sell are replaced with something better and cheaper, you are stuck in a waning market.

Who is Vorwerk MLM For?

If you have a passion for health, cooking and cleaning your home, Vorwerk is one of the best companies to join for multi-level marketing.

Vorwerk has very good product training to help you build your own business. However, it will not work for you if you prefer to stay at home and build the business.

Vorwerk MLM Tools & Training

Vorwerk has been using direct sales for many years, and they are efficient and professional in this.
There is a lot of good training and support in business for those who start their career or business with them.

They emphasize that Vorwerk training is of very high quality and that you are thoroughly trained in the products you sell. You can organize your own schedules and plan your work as you see fit.

Vorwerk seems to support its sellers very well. Since they base their business on sales rather than recruitment, they are ethical and supportive.

Vorwerk developed a web-based talent and performance management tools to develop human resource to manage future relevant areas.

Vorwerk MLM Support

Support at Vorwerk is mutual and is a top priority since it is company culture to not only help each other but bring the best in one another. To achieve this, they promote professional and personal training as well as cross-functional and cross-divisional assignments driven to promote talent and innovation.

In the Villa Mittelsten Scheid in Wuppertal, they have the Vorwerk Academy, which provides the company with the opportunity to discover their fresh potential, skills and while emphasizing solidarity.

Vorwerk MLM Price

Vorwerk does not charge any fee to join them, but they need you to apply with some experience and motivational considerations about what you want to do.

The Starter Business Kit is their lowest level sign-on kit at $49 with Jafra, which includes products worth $298.
The Professional Business Kit goes for $99 while the Royal Business Kit goes for $129.

Participation in Vorwerk is free with no insidious sales since this is not in the spirit of the company.

My Final Opinion of Vorwerk MLM

Vorwerk is a reputable company that has stood the test, ranking third in DSN Global 100 (direct selling network marketing companies in the world based on revenue) in 2019. It also scooped the Top German Marketing Award in 2017. Its products are without doubt of an excellent standard.
The Vorwerk MLM is not a scam despite not having a compensation plan.

However, selling these expensive products may pose a challenge in some places where Vorwerk lacks physical presence since they are in slightly over 70 countries worldwide.

If you are interested in engaging in a business that is global and you can sell any product your want, check out my #1 recommendation.



$49, $99 & $129










  • No pressure to make sales
  • High quality products
  • The focus is not recruiting


  • The products are expensive
  • Limited range of products
  • It takes some time to gain product knowledge

10 thoughts on “Vorwerk MLM Review – Is This A Scam?”

  1. Hi Edgar, thanks a lot for the review regarding Vorwerk MLM program. I was wondering if I should join it, as I am a total newbie regarding affiliate marketing. Although it seems like a great program, I will think twice about joining it. I will definitely check out your number one recommendation!

    • Fernanda, what you are doing as a newbie is good. Reading products reviews before making a decision is very important because once you have joined any program, you have to give it your total commitment. 
      My recommendation is tested and tried and will not leave you with regrets.

  2. I have to say that this is my first time learning about Vorwerk and their products, and all thanks to your article. They have great products, i was just from looking at their coverage and the countries they operate in. its just unfortunate that they do not operate in my country or region on the map. Thanks for sharing this info

    • Unless Vorwerk has its presence in your locality, it is hard to know about them. It is possible, Chezya, that many people are learning about this company for the first time. They are not as aggressive in recruitment like other MLMs. They let their products do the marketing.
      Thank you for the comment.

  3. Wow! This review on vorwerk is super cool. This amongst many other multiple level marketing business offers the best product. They offer beauty and health products as well as kitchen equipments which makes it a good deal. Vorwerk is regarded as legit and its absolutely not a scam, only that their products are expensive. Thanks

    • Stevie, for over 130 years, Vorwerk has been developing and producing high-quality household items, carpets and floor coverings. It has over time diversified to beauty and skincare products becoming one of the largest producers and sellers in North and South America. With AFK Bank, they are in too banking as well.
      They surely have a great profile.

  4. Awesome review on Vorwork multi level marketing… I must compliment your time and effort you devoted I’m carry out a thorough research on this product and also sharing your candid findings with everyone here, trust me your tips given will go a long way yo hep decide on how best to go about Vorwork mlm..

    thanks for your candid article

    • Thank you, Evans, for the wonderful comment you have left me. I am glad that you have found this Vorwerk product review useful enough to help someone form a decision whether to sell and market their products to make some money.

  5. Hello there thanks for this interesting review on this platform. Well from all I can tell this platform is not a scam. You just need to put a little effort and of course determination so you could earn cool cash. I believe this platform is worth giving a try and the startup fee is well to do with

    • Philebur, thank you for your comment on this post. You have the right mindset needed to approach the Vorwerk MLM business and succeed. If you can overcome the price tag of their products, with effort and determination you can make it in multi-level marketing and any other venture for that matter. 


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