Tiens MLM Review – Is This A Scam?

Tiens MLM Review – Is This A Scam?

This Tiens MLM Review will provide you with the information needed to confirm if their business deal is a scam, Ponzi scheme or something you ought to avoid at all costs. It is absolutely normal to take cautionary measures and engage in a business network that fits in your own business model.

Tiens MLM, Product Overview

Founded in 1995, TIENS Group Co., Ltd. has become an international conglomerate in areas such as biotechnology, healthcare, hospitality and tourism, education and training, e-commerce, international trade, and more. The company covers more than 190 countries and regions around the world, and it has branches in 110 countries and regions. TIENS Group has developed innovative designs for the major categories of products, food additives, medical supplies, personal care products and household items and serves more than 40 million families worldwide.

More than 991 million US dollars has invested in the construction of TIENS International Industrial Health Park. It covers an area of ​​1 square kilometre and is an extensive industrial park that combines research and product development, experimental experiments, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and tourism as well as conferences and exhibitions.

Tiens Group’s philosophy of contributing to the very society it came from, has led it to actively practice corporate social responsibility. So far, the TIENS group has invested more than 226 million US dollars in charity and social activities.

The Good and the Bad About Tiens MLM

The Good About Tiens MLM

You will be able to make financial success by using and distributing Tiens high-quality products by buying or sponsoring other people into your business network. These are the guaranteed benefits:

  • Ability to build your own risk-free business with a low capital investment
  • Flexible working hours; whether full time or part-time
  • A one-time registration fee is paid with no annual renewal fees
  • Excellent rewards like luxury trips, cars and homes

The Bad About Tiens MLM

When your product is out there, expect the negative reviews to come in. They help in the improvement of the product. When customer know their issues have been addressed, trust is built.
These are the issues people have against Tiens products

  • Ineffective supervision of marketers, who at times con people into buying their products using fake organ scanner or even radiation cure.
  • Misrepresenting what the products can do. Some marketers claim the products can handle all sorts of challenges for instance radiation cure
  • In some countries, their products are not registered medicines which make marketing a challenge

Who is Tiens MLM For?

Tiens is for that independent marketer, looking for a business opportunity to start a risk-free business with flexible working hours; with a business model that incorporates rewards in its system.New Packing TIENS Weikang Vitality Softgel 800mg*30softgels/Bottle

If you are engaged in weight loss programs, you may need to check out their weight loss packs.

Tiens business model allows flexibility to begin a network marketing venture alongside your regular job

If you believe in balancing the body as a whole rather than treating separate parts and focusing on prevention rather than crisis management of illness, Tiens products offer a wide range of 100% natural and high-quality herbal supplements with a balanced blend of traditional Chinese medicine and technology.

Tiens MLM Tools and Training

It is recommended that you commit 10 to 15 hours every week towards the marketing and promotion of Tiens products. If you cannot commit this time, then the training and the business, in general, may not be convenient for you. Time and effort are a key factor to succeed in Tiens MLM.

In the first two weeks, you should be able to know when you will become a 3-star distributor, how you intend to do it, when to start prospecting and when to do it.

However, you will start by obtaining a membership card, which you get upon registration.

When you get the membership card you are called an Independent Consultant, and you have four joining ways into the business. You will receive Business Starter Kit that contains the company profile, the product guide, the rules and regulations, the compensation/marketing plan, a virtual or hardcopy with essential information, access to Tiens online services and your own website. The latest price lists can be downloaded online.

Work your way through the 15 different ranks by earning volume points, rewards and lucrative opportunities all the way up to an honorary director.

The video below brings more clarity on Tiens business opportunity.

Tiens MLM Support

You can start with the website to find Tiens in your country. Just click on the Global Website then simply follow the instructions.

By selecting your country and calling the number indicated of the main office, you get the service you desire as one placing an order or as one who wants to become a Tiens Product Distributor.

Tiens MLM Price

The minimum cost for a business starter kit is $20, which makes you an independent 1-Star distributor with a lifetime membership. You also entitled to buy goods at the price of the distributor. However, the price of the business starter kit varies in different countries.

My Final Opinion on Tiens MLM

Tiens products have always been improved over time and the customer and distributor reviews have largely been positive. Like any business, you need to dedicate time and resources to make to get the returns you dream of.

However, if you are trying to set up a business with a flexible schedule from home, check out my # 1 recommendation. You’ll find all the tools you need to succeed, including a website, hosting, training and support 24/7.













  • Build your own risk-free business
  • Flexible working hours
  • Onetime registration fee
  • Excellent rewards


  • Ineffective supervision of marketers
  • Misrepresenting what the products can do
  • Medicines not registered

8 thoughts on “Tiens MLM Review – Is This A Scam?”

  1. Your post is a real eye opener for Tiens MLM interested parties.  Wow I cant’ believe that they allow their sales people to outright lie and CON people.  That is awful.  Why would anyone want to be a part of a company like that. 
    This is really going to help anyone that is looking into joining Tiens.
    Great job, and I really love reading reviews on MLM especially when I haven’t heard of them.  Still amazes me how many people get connected to situations like this.  Thanks

    • Coralie, the reason the salespeople lie about the products is to drive sales with the comfort of no supervision at all. When their sales go down, that is what they do. Tiens needs to look into this issue and address it before it ruins their outreach, especially in new markets.
      Thank you, Coralie, for taking time to read this post and for dropping a comment.

  2. Hi,

    MLM programs are great when everyone is on the same page. It seems that the sellers at Tiens MLM are over promoting what the products to do, and that is a huge problem because now people are going to say the same to their own customers. I’m glad it’s legit and you can make real money because I’m looking to start sometime soon, but I just don’t like how people have to lie just to make a sale. I might stay away from this one tbh

    • You are right, Brandon. New distributors are bound to pick the good and the bad practices from the ones that recruited them. I guess that is why Tiens has not entered some markets. It tries to minimise the damage to its brand in the event malpractices by some of its distributors arise.
      I hope this review helps in knowing what to expect out there. Thank you for the comment.

  3. These are pretty good recommendations and tips to conclude that Tiens is a legit business, their brand of products are those which can’t be licensed into sales if not well structured and reviewed…I do believe that they are in the right place in the market añd can be trusted to do business with……
    I sure will take more of my time to officially review their website and gather more relevant information…

    • Evans, Tiens is a legit business with quality products. What remains for us to decide is if it is the business we would like to engage in considering other possibilities out there! There is a need for excellent sales and marketing skills to one of your strengths when you decide to join them.
      Thank you for your comment and I encourage you to gather more information to help you make a good decision.

  4. Hello there! I can possibly recommend Tiens for anyone because I’m a living testimony of their products because one of their distributors has walked me through the process of loosing weight with this product, now I’m perfectly the guy I wanna be😄.

    Thanks to Teins for the helping me achieve my aim

    • You can go right ahead and recommend it to your friends and colleagues. Who can offer better testimony that you?!
      All the best as you make money as you enjoy using and selling the product that works for you.


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