Primerica MLM Review – Is It Another Pyramid Scheme?

Primerica MLM Review | Is It Another Pyramid Scheme?

In this Primerica MLM review, we shall seek to find out if it just another pyramid scheme out there. If Primerica MLM is legit capable of changing your life financially, you will be the judge.

If you have ever wonder if selling insurance can work for you or not, this review should provide you with the right answer.

Primerica MLM, Product Overview

Primerica which has its headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, USA, was founded in 1977. It went public on NASDAQ in 1983 and later from its parent company Citigroup in 2010.

According to Forbes, A.L. Williams, the founder of Primerica, started his career in life insurance after his father died. After his death, their life insurance plan ended up being worthless. He was confused about the reduced opportunities for life insurance and the lack of knowledge of these options among ordinary people.

Way back in the 1970s, companies rolled out expensive Whole life insurance policies to Americans who had limited financial knowledge. They would convince them that it would not only protect their family upon their death but that it was also an excellent investment.
Whole life insurance pays out irrespective of what happens; it accumulates interest over time, and a loan can be taken against it. It is upon death that Life insurance is paid out and only if you die within the insurance period, that is 10 or 20 years, and it has no deposit value.

Therefore, it seems like life insurance throws your money away, and whole life insurance invests it. But the truth is that life insurance is cheaper than Whole life insurance. Predatory companies promised lifetime payouts but found loopholes to come out of paying when the insured actually died. This is what happened to A. L. Williams, when his father died.

Primerica International Headquarters

A. L. Williams started Primerica – which was first called A.L. Williams & Associates – like a life insurance and financial services company for main-street Americans. He came up with an excellent business slogan that appealed to mainstream America. This resulted in many people abandoning their entire life insurance policies and buy into this new term life insurance company.

Primerica quickly grew to become the largest life insurance seller in the United States, and they really transformed the industry. Currently, Primerica is the largest independent financial services marketing organization in North America. Its operations extend across Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Primerica also has substantial profit margins. In 2017 they hit over 18% net profit way above the average net profit margin for the insurance industry of 4-5%.

Primerica started with a great mission that transformed the industry. Still, much of their success has been because of the way they treat their employees and agents or distributors.
A.L. Williams knew his salespeople would be the lifeblood of his company. He puts a significant emphasis on motivating his employees by holding weekly video conferences with them and talking to each of his hundreds of thousands of agents personally. As a result, they have maintained a 4-star rating from over 2,000 employee reviews.

The Good and the Bad About Primerica MLM

The Good About Primerica MLM

  • You get paid fees along with the commissions you earn. You will also make money through monthly payments for the policies sold. You continue to earn for the entire life of the plan.
  • Primerica has a good record for paying insurance claims. According to research, they pay 94% of life insurance claims within 14 days. This is a good selling point to your potential customers.
  • Term life insurance delivers, which is a nice change from many MLMs who are hawking fountain-of-youth creams, or astral body wraps like they work! But Primerica provides products that generally do what they are stated to. The term insurance covers you and pays out if you pass on, and should you take on mutual funds, this investment which could make you money long-term.
  • There is a high market appeal with most people seeking to protect their families in case they die prematurely and also save money.
  • They have been around a long time. For an MLM company to last over four decades needs special recognition. It should be remembered that they were once part of Travelers Insurance and Citibank, both reputable companies. Primerica was named as one of Forbes 50 most trustworthy companies in 2015.
  • Like other MLMs, Primerica is engaged in charitable activities under the Primerica Foundation. Primerica encourages its employees to be generous too.

The Bad About Primerica MLM

  • It is a slow start before you can give a presentation to your own potential customers. You must attend field training, where you observe a licensed representative provide an introduction to potential customers. In the meantime, you are not making money.
  • As a representative, you have to pay for all your own expenses, including any education, licensing fees and other costs.
  • In the first 3 months, you are expected to get at least three new representatives to the company while studying for your exams. So the pressure to recruit is real.
  • Cancellation of membership is not possible. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), numerous complaints from customers who have tried to move their money from Primerica are no record.
  • Their customer support is sloppy, and again BBB receives complaints. Customers that try to change or alter their banking instructions have cancelled their policies because customer support fails to process their requests. The company’s customer support even delays or refuses to receive and honour their guidelines.
  • There are many complaints about hidden fees within the policies purchased by customers. These fees probably go back to the representative who sold the insurance policy.


Who is Primerica MLM For?

If you are not happy at your current job and feel you need a change in your work life, Primerica could be the game-changer. It has accommodated professionals from all fields of life who seek to find success in a different area of work.

What you need is a good network of friends, willingness to learn new ways of investment, good marketing and sales skills as well as the zeal to work hard.

The video below gives you a glimpse of how a sale can go down.

Primerica MLM Compensation Plan

Primerica does not provide online offers for how much their insurance costs. It is not surprising that they also do not put their compensation plan online. This is not strange because most MLMs do it!

The most critical number in any MLM is how much commission you earn as an entry-level representative, as most MLM members never get beyond the entry-level; and for Primerica, your commission is at the entry-level is nothing!

What Primerica does is that until you are licensed, you can’t actually sell their leading insurance or investment products. You can get permission to sell some of Primerica’s smaller products while you wait to be licensed but all in all you need to get a license before you can make real money.

It costs you about USD 100 just to sign up for Primerica in the first place. If you want to access their site with members only, Primerica Online – that’s an additional USD25 per month.

Bear in mind that it can take at least 90 days to get your required licenses.
When you pass your licensing exam, you become an official Primerica representative and are entitled to basic commissions.
If you are lucky to book a 25-year plan, you can get up to 25% of the first premium. If the premium is USD 1500 per year, you earn USD 375 upfront.

Please note that Primerica will hold back part of your commission if a customer defaults on their premium payments in their first year.
In other words, you don’t really know if you will keep all your commission money for another 12 months.

The real bonus comes from your new recruits below you. The first way you make money on your downline is your default overrides. In this case, your breach is 10%, so if the representative you hire sells USD 1000 premium insurance, you get USD 100.

District leaders sell USD 2,500 premiums in a single month and have a Senior representative below them. District leaders receive a 50% commission on their annual premiums and a 15-25% offset.
Divisional managers who sell double to get an additional kick of 10%.
Regional leaders who hire more divisional leaders earn an additional 10% and are at the top of the food chain.


Primerica MLM Support

According to the company, Primerica Online offers a whole suite of tools specifically designed to help you succeed in building a lasting and rewarding business. The suite includes support resources, your own Primerica email address and a personalized professional web site.

Primerica MLM Price

Primerica products appear to have higher prices compared to other similar products. Take, for example, their life insurance, these policies are on average 11% higher than other related policies.

Unfortunately, you cannot find prices for any of the products on their website. To get prices, contact a representative. But all I know is that their term life insurance is 11% higher than their competitors.

To get started with Primerica, you must pay a one-time fee of USD 99. Besides, representatives must also pay USD 25 monthly of access Primerica Online (POL), which is their intranet site. Keep in mind that any licensing exam you take will have associated fees that you will also have to pay out of your own pocket.

My Final Opinion of Primerica MLM

Spending money before you do anything means you are behind before you even get started, and that is no way to start your own business. You must have heard of slimy insurance sellers. This is because they only work with commissions in most cases. They do not earn anything unless they sell.

To increase your income potential, you need to recruit many people, which may not be an easy thing to do.

Have you tried out Affiliate Marketing? It is my Number One recommendation if you really want to start your own business selling a variety of products without limitations. The good things about it are that you get training, and the 24-hour support can go a long way in helping you succeed.













  • Continued earning for the entire life plan life
  • Good record for paying insurance claims
  • High market appeal
  • They have been around a long time


  • It takes a while to start earning
  • High expenses to cater for
  • Cancellation of membership is not possible
  • Their customer support is sloppy

10 thoughts on “Primerica MLM Review – Is It Another Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. I was hired by Primerica many years ago, maybe 20! I had a great resume, an impeccable record within other professional industries and I was excited about the offer. When I got to the supposed training with my mentor who was appointed to get me on track, I ended up in a room with 30 other recruits that were being indoctrinated into their religion. 

    You have made some great observations here with a company that was originally set on a noble course, but who slipped off the tracks once the founder wasn’t there to keep things in place. Wal-Mart may be another example of that!! Any business should be about meeting a real need with real people, not making money. When we meet people’s needs, we will make money. some of these companies have degenerated to the point that  regardless of what deceptions they must employ to garner a commission, they will do so. That isn’t necessary.

    Thanks for this post! Although I have a particular disdain for MLM, I can’t say it’s all bad, but most of it is IMO and I appreciate your transparency with this company.


    • Darrin, what an insightful comment about Primerica you have shared. It is when money becomes the centre of what we do that changes the vision of great companies.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and sharing your views. I highly appreciate it.

  2. Very nice review of Primerica.  I was part of this company many many years ago and your description of the company is exact!  You have to spend money, licensing, etc  It can become very expensive, and It is tough to get people to sign up as an agent and even sell policies to customer.  When you decide to leave the company there is no refund as the money you spent is pretty much for state licensing so it is not refundable.  Great job on the review!

    • I like reading reviews from people that engaged in the businesses under review. You offer a balanced view that is useful to readers and helps them make excellent decisions. 
      Thank you, Carole, for your excellent comment.

  3. Primerica looks like an interesting biz opportunity to try. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can spend 125 bucks upfront while getting paid nothing at the start. And besides, my 90 days would be better spent elsewhere than getting trained by this company. But suppose I join Primerica to promote their insurance, do I have to purchase insurance myself before I can promote them to other people? I feel like it’s going to cost more than 125 dollars just to take part in this company.

    • The hard part when joining Primerica is the initial investment that you make. You do not have to buy insurance for yourself right away; it is not mandatory to do so. But in due time you too can buy it as evidence to your recruits that you believe in what you sell.
      Of course, there will be hidden costs at the start, so you better be determined to work hard to recover your expenses.
      Thank you, Dominic, for checking in and leaving this excellent comment.

  4. Hey dear… Awesome review on Primerica multi level marketing review…I sincerely appreciate your time and effort in putting up a research on this review and I do find your tips quite useful in deciding how best to go on with the Primerica multi level marketing… considering the rapid increase in scammers out there , it becomes necessary to look out for such scam…thanks for the review…

    • Scammers have come alive during this period due to the lockdown; people have shifted to using the Internet more to look for alternative ways to make money. However, if we go through the reviews of companies we wish to work with, we can avoid these scammers. 
      Thank you, Evans, for always reading and commenting to my reviews.

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