Oriflame MLM Review – Beauty Products That Make You Money

Oriflame MLM Review – Beauty Products That Make You Money
We all need skincare products for maintaining and improving the appearance of the face and other body parts. Oriflame Holding AG is engaged in the production and sale of cosmetic products and is there to address our need for beauty and wellness. This Oriflame MLM review will reveal to you if these beauty products can make money for you and your colleagues.

Oriflame MLM, Product Overview

Oriflame Holding AG was founded in Sweden by two brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, back in 1967. This Swedish company boasts of operating in 66 markets offering a comprehensive range of high-performance products, created with cutting edge science-backed with groundbreaking research. The result is accessories, colour cosmetics, fragrances, hair care, skin and wellness products highly appreciated by customers.Oriflame MLM Review – Beauty Products That Make You Money They are able to make 1.3 billion euros in sales annually.

They offer an exclusive business opportunity for anyone who wishes to build their own business as an independent Oriflame Beauty Consultant, selling their products while recruiting more individuals to sell. There are currently over three million Oriflame Beauty Consultants worldwide.

With a pledge to help you with the training needed, for a modest joining fee, you can start your own low-risk business which can be run alongside your day job to earn extra income. And if you give it your undivided time, you can grow it into a full-fledged business.

The Good & the Bad About Oriflame MLM

The Good About Oriflame MLM

  • Decent discounts of up to 20% are offered to Oriflame Beauty Consultants not to mention the monthly gifts that get in accordance with your sales performance. This is a good boost to your wallet.
  • There is no signup fee needed to join Oriflame and the starter kit is available for very reasonable rates as I will share as we get along with this blog.
  • Most MLMs require inventory to start up, but this is not the case with Oriflame. Orders can be shipped to you directly for distribution. It is worth noting that 96% of Oriflame orders are placed online.

The Bad About Oriflame MLM

  • Despite its presence in 66 markets, as an Oriflame Beauty Consultant, you cannot operate in the United States of America which has big market potential. However, most of their products can be found on Amazon.

Who is Oriflame MLM For?

Oriflame beauty and wellness products are of a high standard which are checked and tested by a pool of scientists in various fields at the time of production. Oriflame is for the customer that strives to identify with a brand that produces buy high-quality natural products with no chemicals added.

Oriflame products are widely used by women and young girls but the number of men using these beauty and skincare products cannot be underestimated. Oriflame Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash and Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Hand and Body Cream are the products that have received the best reviews over time.

If you are already in the beauty and cosmetics business or even a retailer with a bias in wellness products, Oriflame MLM would be worth a try.

Oriflame MLM Review – Beauty Products That Make You Money
Oriflame Beauty & Wellness Products

Oriflame MLM Tools and Training

In the world of Oriflame, it is believed that the first 90 Days are most crucial to get success and staying motivated.

The first month; expect to get a welcome email or SMS, the latest promotions’ information, training on dream building and learning how to place orders. The tools that will be handed to you are a catalogue, self-use products and a skincare guide.

The action to take is to make your first order, download the Beauty App & Makeup Wizard and ensure you talk to 3 new people every day.

The second month; you can conduct a “Getting Started” for your new recruits. There will be training skincare and learning how to place a team order. The tools that will be handed to you are Oriflame Opportunity Meeting (OOM) flip chart and analysis activity report.

The action to take is to recruit 3 new people and set personal goals, become active on social media and attend your L2 meetings (Manager meeting) with your guests.

The third month; recognize, motivate and educate your consultants. There will be training in SARPIO (Sales and Recruitment Processes in Oriflame) Dream Express Training as well as Wellness Academy. The tools that will be used are prospecting, social media and business planning sessions.

The action to take is to become a core team member, make recruitment a habit and conduct your own L2.

At the end of the third month, your rewards are bigger and better.

Aside from reviewing a lot of good information on how to professionalize your business, you can also refresh your knowledge of the Oriflame Academy by visiting the e-learning portal, or even take the courses for the first time if you were not able to attend one of our training events.

Oriflame MLM Support

Oriflame online tools assist you with your prospecting, selling, recruiting and training activities which are the major points if you are to make it as an Oriflame Beauty Consultant. The tools also allow you to save time and make you more efficient.

By subscribing and following Oriflame’s Facebook and Twitter handles, you are assured of instant assistance and support when needed.

Oriflame MLM Price

There is no fee for joining Oriflame; it is free! However, for $20, it is recommended to buy a starter kit. You will also receive free catalogues. With in the first month, you can recover this investment if you follow the training.

The benefits as an Oriflame Beauty Consultant is that you earn a commission of 20% on the products you buy or sell.

You also earn 13.5% commission on the sales made by the referral in your network.

The more you make in sales, you and your team get gifts from Oriflame.

You are guaranteed to move up the leadership ladder as group manager, district manager or regional manager.

You have to renew your contract with Oriflame annually to benefit in sales of over 1,000 cosmetic products.

My Final Opinion of Oriflame MLM

The Oriflame earning opportunity is tough in order to maintain a steady income stream since your team members’ performance affects you. The fact that you are not the only consultant out there requires you have strong sales skills in order to make it. You also have to keep in mind the personal expenses and shipping costs.

However, there is an alternative way you can make money by selling products and running your own business.














  • Discounts of up to 20%
  • No sign up fees needed
  • No start up inventory needed


  • Lack of presence in the USA

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  1. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I started online business for a while now and am actively looking for money-making opportunities. Beauty products are the target I pursue.

    You give a extensive review on Oriflame MLM, which has all info for me to make decision. I particularly like your analyses on the good and the bad about Oriflame MLM. I can see everything is positive about this business. I certainly like to start this line of business.

    Unfortunately, this business is not operated in USA yet. I feel it is just kind of timing. Soon or late this product will be introduce into US. I am doing some homework now and as soon as there is chance to join, I will do. 

    • Anthony, I am glad that you found this post useful to you. I wish you the best as make money selling beauty products as your targeted niche. Being prepared is a good thing because when Oriflame business opens up in the US, you will definitely reap the benefits.


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