MONAT MLM Review – A Must Read Before Joining

MONAT MLM Review – A Must Read Before JoiningThis MONAT MLM review is a must-read before joining this company. We will explore opportunities to earn money from selling products for skin care and hair care products.

You may have heard about this multi-level marketing company via social media or a YouTube video you saw and noticed it was the right choice for you.

Before we continue, may I congratulate you upon the measures taken so far to carry out your research, which is one integral part in the decision on whether a particular product or a service is right for you. Doing your due diligence is very important in finding legitimate ways to make money online.

MONAT MLM, Product Overview

MONAT is a company based in Doral, Florida, working on the manufacture and sale of skin and hair care products for consumers. This family business was founded by Luis Urdaneta and his son Ray Urdaneta in 2014. They are also owned by a company called Alcora, which is the central umbrella for their other businesses in the beauty and health industry.MONAT MLM Review – A Must Read Before Joining

The name MONAT is an abbreviation of “Modern Nature”, and they are proud of the company philosophy that defines success as being in a state that helps others succeed as well. Their products are naturally based and offer a rewarding business opportunity.

The moment the company started in 2014, it expanded and flourished continuously winning awards along the way. As skin and hair products, the market is very competitive with major players like Amway; however, they offer more with their product – MONAT PET ™ – which is a product for pets, especially dogs.

MONAT has popular products like Smoothing Deep Conditioner which works on all types of hair to provide nourishment and Rejuvenique Oil Intensive which has essential oils.

To confirm their success, MONAT received local and international recognition for its products, like the Gold Steve Awards – Company of the Year and Gold Steve Awards – Entrepreneur of the Year, Ray Urdaneta, CEO.

The Good and the Bad About MONAT MLM

The Good About MONAT MLM

  • This is one family business that is minds about producing naturally based products.
  • It is a legitimate company under Alcora Corporation established in the year 2001.
  • Despite being in a very competitive market for the care of skin and health care products, they have been successful, and their expansion is continuous.
  • They developed a product for pets – MONAT PET ™ – which helps the business partners venture into other markets to sell their products.

The Bad About MONAT MLM

  • There are several complaints through the Better Business Bureau.
  • You can find the same products for much lower prices at Amazon.Com
  • They have court cases with several classes of people who claim that their products for the care of hair cause significant hair loss and irritation of the scalp.
    In the first five months in 2018, MONAT had nine suits. Cases related to misleading the market about the safety of their products. Some argued that they are performing a pyramid system.
    In April 2018 a federal judge ruled in favour of the MONAT, which gave them protection against defamation lawsuits without evidence.

Who is MONAT MLM For?

MONAT is for people who love naturally based products without harmful chemicals added, and supported by science. Reviews received from most of their satisfied customers have confirmed that their products are different from other products on the market based on their effectiveness.

MONAT products are tested, proven, safe and recommended by leading dermatologists and doctors, making it easy for those who intend to use them. It also makes it safe for you to join the over 120,000 MONAT partners worldwide to sell their products.

With this company, you get the opportunity to work at your convenience around your schedule. With hard work, this business can offer you a life-changing experience.

MONAT values its partners who achieve success and maintain consistency, and for this, they reward them with a Cadillac.
What is important to note is the fact that partners and customers alike, are treated like family, based on the company core values.

MONAT MLM Tools and Training

As the market partner, you get discounts on the retail price, which you then can use to make profits, if you sell the same products to your customers for the usual price.

There is no doubt that you’ll have all the resources you need to effectively sell MONAT products, but one crucial thing that you have to remember is that you have to love the products to be able to sell them to others. Imagine if you were the consumer, would you buy these products from MONAT or would you be able to find similar products at the better prices in another place?

MONAT offers one of the most competitive compensation plans. On top of its great offers and benefits, it can give up to 30% from personal sales commissions.

Also, a bonus promotion offer of up to 12% on your first line and generous incentives is there for the taking; plus you can qualify you to join the MONAT Motor Club and get a white Cadillac fully paid for by the company.
And with SMART Start programs for new partners in the market, you have the opportunity to serve and promote quickly!

MONAT MLM Review – A Must Read Before Joining


The SMART Start program manual contains detailed information about individual MONAT products and systems.
It also has a road map to help you get well ahead in time.

There is direct access to the Academy partners club of online marketing which has interactive learning modules that describe proven methods and tactics that lead to growth.

VIP brochure customers which will help you enter the VIP customer plan and the Flexship service where you enjoy free shipping services.

MONAT gives brochures which will help you to share the incredible business with others. These brochures have information and prices on individual MONAT products and systems.

You will also receive your website to help you promote MONAT 24/7. And of course, as a market partner, you get a discount of 30% on the retail prices of the great products which command to growth.


The starter kit goes for USD 99, which upon purchase, makes you a MONAT market partner. However, you will not get the excellent discounts the purchasers of other packs get.

In case you happen to change your mind, you need not fret! MONAT has a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee that you can take advantage of.

MONAT MLM Review – A Must Read Before Joining

My Final Opinion of MONAT MLM

MONAT products must be exclusive for you to benefit, but you can find these products in other places for less. For instance, Amazon offers them at a lower price than they are with MONAT. This difference in cost will make it so difficult for you to sell MONAT products to your potential customers since they can easily find them at a lower price elsewhere.

The difference there is, however, is that you have 4% to 10% commission for the Amazon product, while MONAT says that you can get up to 30% commission. But think about this for a moment, can people buy at a much higher price for the same product!

Do you want a business system that you have full control over? Build your own Internet business as the majority of people do by creating your own website for free. It is worth it!













  • Producing naturally based products
  • It is a legitimate company
  • Successful in a short time
  • Doversified to pets


  • Several complaints through the BBB
  • Same products for much lower prices
  • Several court cases

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  1. Hello thank you for the review and being truthfully about the subject. me myself with the cons and the price is I would not consider this because the lawsuits and all customer complaints plus if I can get a product cheaper some were else that were I would buy and again thank you for the great review

    • Micahel, I appreciate your comment about this post. I can see you have made up your mind about doing business with MONAT. 

  2. Monat MLM this is a very well thought out  review, I have looked at Monat  a few times myself, what put me off from them were the facts that you have pointed out. Yes they give good commission but the products can be sourced elsewhere for less money and the law suits, Monat May have won but there is no smoke without fire. This is very valuable information.

    • Thank you, Lisa, for your feedback about this MONAT MLM Review. The fact that the products are cheaper elsewhere could be a signal that they support their market partners more than direct customers. It could be to encourage customers to join their MLM plan than to buy from them directly.

  3. Helooo dear, thanks for sharing these valuable content with us, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post on MONAT, sincerely speaking I was referred to these program by my cousin but I wasn’t sure if it was legit or not, till I went through your review. I believe my doubt has been cleared, thanks for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

    • Skuchmane, as I had shared, it is always a good practice to first do thorough research before rolling your sleeves to do business. You can find that the business plan not compatible with yours and that saves you a lot of time.
      I hope you have formed the right decision.
      Thank you for leaving me a valuable comment.

  4. Awesome article on monat multi level marketing company…. I really do appreciate your time and effort you devoted in carrying out such a research and sharing your candid findings with us all….I really did look forward to using your findings in deciding how best to join the company…
    Thanks once more for your review…

    • Thank you, Evans, for finding the time to read this post. I appreciate your comment and wish you well as you use this MONAT MLM Review to your advantage.

  5. After a careful reading of Monat MLM review, there’s a tendency for three to be profit I the long run, buy the only challenge I have which also you mentioned that these products can be gotten at a reduced price just like you cited that Amazon offers them at a lower price than they are with MONAT. This difference in cost will make it so difficult for you to sell MONAT products to your potential customers since they can easily find them at a lower price elsewhere. 

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Jomata, what I notice is that, as a regular customer, you would not buy from MONAT market partner unless of course if you do not check for prices elsewhere, or if you find it convenient. They will have to find a way to address that matter.
      Thank you for the feedback to this post. 

  6. Any multi-level marketing business that focuses on skin care products and hair products trends. I believe MONAT like every other great multi-level marketing businesses thrives. They are known for selling quality products and have been successful so far. But, the fact that their prices are high will make it difficult to make good sales, since other companies like Amazon offer the same product at a cheaper price.


    • Thank you, Awiniki, for sharing your views with me. MONAT indeed is in a trending market. Their penetration in the beauty segment is evident from how quickly they have made it in the MLM business. The matter of the price is something they will handle in due time.


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