Make Money Online On Fiverr – The Simplified Way

Make Money Online On Fiverr – The Simplified WayThere are some fresh ways to generate some income that does not come from your regular job. You can make money online on Fiverr, and I will share with you the simplified way to do this.

Fiverr is a site that generally sells services like content writing, photo editing and video editing. You are never left out as a digital nomad, traveller or as a job seeker. You can earn money regularly to take care of your bills and other necessities on Fiverr.

Fiverr Explained

Founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010, Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a wide range of services, tasks and mini-jobs. It provides an online platform where freelancers can advertise and list their available digital services.

On the site, you will find people from all walks of life with all kinds of skills to offer. Whether you are an advertiser, a designer, website developer, lawyer or even an artiste, Fiverr has something that captures your interest.

At Fiverr, the services offered are called Gigs, and many of them start at just five dollars each, hence the name of the company. However, this is only basic. You will find many gigs that pay at the same comparable rate as many other job service sites.

By connecting sellers directly to freelancers, Fiverr has grown to become one of the largest sites offering an online service exchange. Its increasing popularity in the industry makes it a desirable way to make money online as a gig and even professionally.

Do not worry about accessibility, even with your mobile phone; you can access Fiverr by downloading their app on Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Registration on Fiverr

The first thing you should do is to sign up for a new account and become a registered user to make money with Fiverr. Once you have entered your contact details and details, you will receive a link to confirm email. Upon confirmation of your new account, it is time to get started.

To get a job on Fiverr, you have to set up a seller profile, where you can sell your experience and skills to potential buyers. Be careful with this part because it is what buyers consider most before deciding to hire you. Proceed to create a gig and point out how much you will be charging.

Some buyers post a request for a service, requiring you to browse their applications and send offers to them directly.

What Do You Want to Do on Fiverr?

Just like the buyer, the selling aspect of Fiverr is that creating an account is FREE. Even the browsing of the website to check out gigs is at no cost.

As a seller, you receive payment upon successful completion of the gig. Fiverr takes 20% of the total order value as a commission fee. You get to earn the balance. With the many categories Fiverr has to choose from, I am sure you cannot be short of great ideas of what to sell. You are allowed to offer three versions of your service at three different prices, ranging between USD 5 and USD 995.

The beauty about Fiverr is that once you complete the order, money is transferred to your account instantly.

If you are a buyer, you pay Fiverr administration fees upfront for the cost of the gig. Depending on the category from which you are buying. Commissions vary from USD 15 to USD 50.

Do have a hard time finding ways of placing an order on Fiverr? Use the search engine of the platform. Contact the seller after they are convincing that they can offer what you want by reading the seller’s profile.

Once you are ready to pay, you can choose any payment method you find convenient like credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL and PayPal.

How Can You Make Money on Fiver?

Get started by creating a Fiverr seller profile, and it should be professional looking. You should know that if you add a video introducing your service, there is a personal touch to it and this attracts buyers.

Create a gig image that stands out. You can check out the photos of other sellers to get a grasp of what you can do here.
Write an excellent and unique gig description and avoid copying from already existing sellers; you will be banned.

Mind about your gig ranking by carefully selecting tags and keywords. Your gig can easily rank well when you do it right. The more positive reviews and visits you get from potential buyers, the better it is for your ranking.

Create a gig; which is the service that you will be selling on Fiverr. By offering three different attractive bundles, you offer buyers choice, and this promotes your average order value much higher.

In order to generate more revenue, the trick lies in upselling your gig. Upselling requires you to add extras that a buyer can tick off to pay you more. For instance, you can offer a source file to your buyers which allows them to make alterations to the original design.

Value the importance of feedback and reviews; which dramatically helps in maintaining an excellent reputation within the Fiverr community. Focus on a 5-star rating because this will make you more appealing to buyers and will increase your visibility in the search engines as well.

You are a New Seller the moment you sign up. However, it does not have to stay that way. You can work your way up the different levels within the Fiverr platform with each level tagged with various exclusive benefits to help you increase your sales on Fiverr.

When you become a Top Seller, you receive a special badge, access VIP support, and you qualify for Fiverr promotions.
To quickly grow through these levels on Fiverr, make it your personal goal to complete all your gigs while maintaining a high star rating, a positive response rate and a consistent delivery time.

You can then go ahead to send custom buyer requests which allow you to be hands-on and sending your offers to many potential buyers. After you receive a message from a buyer, that is when you create the proposal describing your price, delivery time, the number of revisions you provide and the offer expiration time.

With over a million buyers on Fiverr, once your gigs are well ranked, you will not need to do any promotions because you already have massive exposure to buyers.

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The Primary Service Categories on Fiver

Fiverr offers eight broad categories where you can find gigs as seller, and the beauty of it all is that you can handle it on your mobile phone. Under these categories, there are many more sub-categories that make it easy for the buyers to find you.

Below are the categories where you can place where gigs show on Fiverr

  1. Graphics and Design: This category includes logo and brand identity, visual designing, Web and Mobile, print design, Gaming, Art and Illustration, Packages and labels, Architecture and building design, Merchandise, and Product & characters design.
  2. Digital Marketing: This category has new sub-categories like public relations, social media advertising, podcast marketing, book and eBook marketing.
  3. Writing and Translation: This category has new sub-categories like online language lessons, brand voice and tone, UX writing, and grant writing.
  4. Video and Animation: This category has Article to Video as the latest sub-category to be added on their list.
  5. Music and Audio: This category has new sub-categories like audio ads production, DJ drops and tags, online music lessons, songwriters, and audiobooks production.
  6. The programming and tech category has online coding lessons added to its abundant list of sub-categories.
  7. Business: This category has new sub-categories like eCommerce management, project management, career counselling, and HR consulting.
  8. Lifestyle: This category has new sub-categories like fitness lessons, craft lessons, and cooking lessons.

The Good and the Bad About Fiverr

The Good About Fiverr

  • Flexibility: Most freelance jobs come with a certain degree of freedom, and Fiverr is not an exception. You can set the period a gig, allowing you time to handle other pressing issues on your agenda.
  • Guaranteed payment: Since all buyers must pay in advance, you are 100% assured that you will receive payment for your work. Scammers or shady companies will not be part of the things that will worry or concern you.
  • Tips or bonuses: Fiverr allows and even encourages its buyers to tip their sellers. It is said that over 50% of customers tip with an average amount of around 20%. Not bad for doing a job you like.
  • Suitable for beginners: Since most jobs are inexpensive and straightforward, there is no problem having them done. It is easy to earn some extra cash while building your Fiverr reputation. You also get to work with different clients and projects, which helps build experience and your networking skills.

The Bad About Fiverr

  • High competition: Compared to other independent sites, Fiverr offers affordable prices. A buyer looking for a good deal finds plenty of sellers willing to do a particular job for just USD 5 regardless of quality. You have to work extra hard for your value to be high.
  • Fiverr Commission: Fiverr’s 20% commission, which also applies to tips from buyers is high.


To overcome the high competition on Fiverr, to maintain a good monthly income, try offering unique services or perform those tasks that are not handled by the rest of the sellers on the platform. Seek out new trending topics that others are yet to explore.

Another alternative is that you can also personalize the services that others are working on but with greater detail. Do the same work in a unique but better way. With the help of video testimonies, where people are always looking for innovative and unique ideas, you will stand out.

Fiverr is an excellent opportunity to start making money online. With the creativity, dedication, reputation skills and a positive work ethic, you can easily find online gigs that fit your talents and lifestyle.

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