How To Create A WordPress Website – The Beginner’s Guide

How To Create A WordPress Website- The Beginner’s Guide

In the past, you needed to be tech-savvy to start a website, but not any more. In this beginner’s guide, I will show you how to create a WordPress website step by step.

There are a variety of website builders online, but WordPress is the best of them all. It is the leading website building platform in the world with a share of over 35% of all Internet websites.

WordPress is also my favourite because it is not only free but offers it is flexible enough to work with other third-party tools. It has many website designs from which to choose.

Step One: Choose a Segment of a Market

A segment of a market is better known as a niche. Choose a niche that fits with your interest or passion. You have a solution to a problem that you want to share with the world, that would be a great niche. Do not worry about the need to be an expert on the subject at this moment.How To Create A WordPress Website- The Beginner’s Guide

Irrespective of which niche you choose or which you are in; you will always find people online searching for information and solutions which you may offer.

When you select a niche you like, the chances are that you will enjoy building your niche website and generating the content, later on, will not pose a challenge.

In case you have challenges find a niche, you can look for popular search terms on search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo! You will be able to find popular blogs, products and topics, which will give you an idea of what people are searching for online.

Many have found niche ideas from books, magazines and social media. These are great places where you can generate an extensive list of niches from which to choose.
Bear in mind that there is never a wrong niche. Make your choice; love your choice.

Step Two: Choose a Domain Name

It is essential to find a domain name or name for your website that makes it easy for people to find you online, to isolate you from over 1.5 billion websites online today. The title should also be related to the niche you chose.How To Create A WordPress Website- The Beginner’s Guide

Even when the domain name is related to your niche, it should be more refined; for instance, “” is better than “” because people online searching for stretching routines to be fit, will more likely find you quicker.
You will after that have to register your name at a fee, but you have to bear in mind that you have to renew payment for your name annually.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because it is unparalleled in the Managed WordPress hosting industry. It is the platform not only to buy your domain name but to handle the hosting of your WordPress website as well.
WordPress highly recommends wealthy Affiliate, has excellent hosting services, and their registration and renewal fees are reasonable.

If you are not ready to register a domain name, do not worry. Wealthy Affiliate has a state of the art SiteDomains platform, which will allow you to set up your domain for your use instantly. The domain, which is a completely free website, helps you build your website.

How To Create A WordPress Website- The Beginner’s Guide

Later on, when you are ready to buy your domain, you can move your free website button to a registered domain quickly.

Step Three: Choose a Website Name and DesignHow To Create A WordPress Website- The Beginner’s Guide

The recommendation is that the name of your website matches your domain name. It should be grammatically correct. For instance, if your domain name is “” or “”, your website name can be “My Stretching”. It is that simple.

The design of your website or the theme is fundamental. Online visitors tend to prefer websites that are of good quality, fast and secure. So with over 7,470 WordPress themes that are available in the official themes directory, you can carefully sort them the criteria and filters to get the best fit.

At this stage, you will have already created your brand new and shiny website!

Create a Website Under 30 Seconds

Step Four: Post Content on Your New Website

WordPress allows you to post content either as posts or pages.

Pages contain content that is static and timeless. Affiliate policy, contact page and privacy policy are examples of pages.

Posts contain content that has a publish date and is not static. It can be edited from time to time and appears in reverse chronological order.

You can log into your website back office to access the WordPress administration dashboard.

How To Create A WordPress Website- The Beginner’s Guide

If you open your website with Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to a wide range of software additions known as plugins. The important ones to have are the Search Engine Optimisation plugin and the image optimisation plugin.

Every new WordPress website installed comes with dummy content with it. You have to get rid of this content before you can start creating content that is relevant to your niche.

Once you have published your content, it is safe for you to share the link of your website with friends and family. You are in business.

If you go ahead to set up Google Analytics, you will be able to track the performance of your website traffic.

By following the four steps shared, which would not exceed 45 minutes, you should be with a beautiful WordPress website. What follows is customizing your site, which I will include actions like:

  • Setting up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin, which makes the content of your website ready for search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo! so they can index and rank your website properly.
  • Creating pages like the About me or About us page and the Privacy policy.
  • Creating custom menus for your website
  • Understanding keywords to create new content.


You may be wondering how much running a website would cost.
It is safe to spare between USD 100 and USD 30,000 annually to run your website.
My view is that as a newbie, you start with a free website, and as you keep learning the ropes, you can upgrade.

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  1. I wish I would have read this article before I created a website myself. For any of you who are interested in creating a word press site I suggest you read this. Niches all the way to content is covered which basically means you’re getting a lot of helpful general information in one place instead of reading a thousand different articles.

    • Thank you, Leina, for leaving this wonderful comment. I am sure you are progressing well with your WordPress website since you read fresh content regularly. 

  2. You really showed how to get started in creating a website. I love WordPress, it’s so much easier to make a website than to actually make a website with writing codes. As you grow your website, you’ll eventually learn more and as you said learning the ropes.

    • WordPress has continued to grow in popularity in recent times because of its ease of use and the sheer positive reviews from website owners. It is free to deploy, install and upgrade, even for new users! No coding experience is needed.
      Thank you, Jordon, for leaving a comment to this blog.

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    • Sheddy, you are practical, indeed. Thank you for trying out the steps I shared and for leaving me a comment.
      I wish you the best as you add more content to the new website. May you achieve the goals for which it has been set up.

  5. quite understanding review you have here on how to create a WordPress website for a beginner,  just as you mentioned earlier wealthy affiliate is a perfect blog for new PS2 learn on how to create and build your own website.. at wealthy affiliate will be opportune to be tutored through the creating your website by kyle the co-founder of wealthy affiliate..

    • Evans, I have tried and tested the efficiency of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. It is a beautiful experience when you are guided expertly to set up your website, saving a lot of your valuable time. I am glad you concur with me.

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    By your informative article, I understand how easy it can be to create one WordPress site in 2020, and everyone who likes to pursue an online business should follow your step-by-step guide to build one of their own. I am cautious about the cost, so I did calculate the price if we purchase the essential services for a website.

    -The yearly cost of a domain name should be around $14-$19
    -The website hosting fee depends on the providers you are choosing, but it’s free if you are a Wealthy Affiliate premium member

    Meaning we only need to spend the cost for the domain name if we process all on WA, right?

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    • Dear Matt, thank you for checking out this blog and leaving a comment.
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