Herbalife MLM Review – Is It Worth Your Money And Time?

Herbalife MLM Review – Is It Worth Your Money And Time?
For those of you who love health supplements and other health-related products, you’ve probably been familiar with Herbalife over the years. Herbalife has a wide range of products that are sold through direct marketing. You may have introduced these products to a friend or coworker or you may be thinking of becoming a Herbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor.

Though the company’s logo has half of a marijuana leaf, Herbalife has nothing to do with the weed industry. Instead, Herbalife includes a wide range of products including supplements, teas, weight management products, protein powders, personal care products, and protein bars.

This Herbalife MLM overview requires you to know how it works, the product, the good and the bad. Some say it is a scam! Let me share information for you to decide to register and become a Herbalife nutrition independent distributor.

Herbalife MLM, Product Overview

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Protein Drink Mix

Herbalife is a major MLM company selling supplements, weight loss and beauty products.
Herbalife was founded by Mark Hughes in 1980 and is based in Los Angeles. This multi-level marketing (MLM) company employs more than 9,000 people worldwide and sells its product in more than 94 countries, with more than 4.5 million members and distributors.

The company was the first to sell weight-loss products, and the first product was a protein shake to help people lose weight. The product line has expanded to include other areas, such as women’s health, ageing, digestive health, and fitness. Since then, the company has grown into a multi-billion-dollar company; for instance, in 2018 alone, they made $4.9 billion

The Good & the Bad About Herbalife MLM

The Good About Herbalife MLM

  • They have attractive direct selling models that allow a flexible work schedule. Whether you work part-time or full time, the choice is entirely yours
  • There is no pressure for the minimum monthly purchases, as a distributor. However, to maintain your status as a distributor, you will have to continue to buy products monthly.
  • If you choose to cancel your distributorship, all products are fully refundable as long as the products have not been opened.
  • There is no obligation on you to buy sales tools or business tools when you sign up.

The Bad About Herbalife MLM

  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the Herbalife products despite many attempts by the company to obtain approval.
  • Herbalife products are expensive compared to other products in their line of the market.
  • Herbalife has had its fair share of complaints with an A- rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customers who have purchased the products give mixed reviews and the distributors’ reviews indicate their dissatisfaction.
  • Herbalife has had several lawsuits against it and the BBB website even has an alert on them listed. The alert outlines the misrepresentation of Herbalife’s business model as a direct selling organization in China.

Who is Herbalife MLM For?

One of its main products is Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Food Powder. This is a smoothie made from two powders. You need to eat twice a day to help you lose weight. This 26-ounce package costs around $ 40, depending on where you get it. It was purchased from the Herbalife website for $ 42.85. Amazon quotes it for $ 41.9, so the price is comparable.

The product has received well-received reviews on Amazon, and many people have reported that they have lost weight by consuming these shocks. Each shaker takes two teaspoons of powder, which is four tablespoons per day.

Herbalife MLM Tools and Training

The way Herbalife works is typical of MLM. You will register as a sponsoring member reseller and purchase a member package. After that, you can become part of your bottom line and start selling products. Your sponsor will charge you a fee for the products you sell. For resellers outside the United States, you can register your documents online and send an email to member country services.

To earn money with Herbalife, you must sell your products and hire new resellers. You cannot hire people and leave them. As a reseller, you sell the product at a 25% discount and a retail price. This will give you a 25% commission.

An incentive for prospective customers is a 25% discount when joining Herbalife. This will give users a one-time fee of $34.99, including the cost of the Preferred Member package. Membership will be renewed for $15 per year for your clients.

I can comfortably confirm that Herbalife is for one that seeks to lose weight as they earn extra money as they sell its products.Oriflame MLM Review | Online Wallet Booster

Herbalife MLM Support

There is online access to a Product Catalog eBook titled “Nutrition for Your Best Life” which covers details about Herbalife like the nutrition philosophy and leadership, maintaining a healthy weight, energy and fitness; and skin & hair care. This book can greatly help you market and sell products fast.

Herbalife supports distributors’ nutrition clubs that allow like-minded people to meet to improve their health, fitness and well-being. Customers upon invitation, enjoy great nutrition and profit from a network of support. They are supported with training material that covers business and nutrition information.

Herbalife MLM Price

To register, you must purchase a Herbalife Distributor Kit. There are two different packages that you can choose from. The International Business Package costs $ 94.10, or the Super Starter International Business Package is priced at $ 124.10.

According to an Amazon review, Herbalife powder lasts only two weeks. The container weighs 26.4 ounces. Let’s reduce the price of the product to $ 40. $ 1.52 an ounce.

A similar product sells on Amazon for half the price. It’s called Orgain Organic Protein Powder and it sells for $ 26.99. It comes in a 2-pound container. $ 0.83 an ounce.

Orgain Organic Protein contains USDA’s organic, gluten-free, vegan, and lactose-free ingredients. No information was found comparing Herbalife Formula 1 protein powder. You can use both products to lose weight while following an exercise program.

Therefore, in response to the question of whether Herbalife products are affordable, I would like to say that different products are similar or better in terms of quality and price. Therefore, depending on the product, Herbalife products can be a solid selling point.

My Final Opinion of Herbalife MLM

Earning with Herbalife can be tough especially with the growth in the number of cheaper nutrition products. It becomes hard to convince prospective clients after they have known about the cons I shared above. There are also other hidden costs such as phone calls and gas costs which are not part of the dealer agreement.

You may want to check out my number 1 recommendation on how to start your own business. It is free to try out yet you have support, free training and many tools to guide you to success.













  • No Minimum Monthly Purchases
  • Fully refundable
  • No sales tools
  • Set Your Own Schedule


  • Pricey Products
  • No FDA Approval
  • BBB Complaints

12 thoughts on “Herbalife MLM Review – Is It Worth Your Money And Time?”

  1. A very good review about Herbalife. I was actually thinking about trying this out to make myself a side income once.

    However, they got too much different kind of reviews that I took my chances. I’m glad I come over your review.
    people marketing the products wrong.

    I must say the only thing I like about this oportunity is that it’s not a minimum purchase volume. That’s a huge plus.

    Thanks for this information!

    All the best,

    • Fred, I am delighted that you spared time to comment on this article. People marketing products wrong happens all the time, but if you are a good marketer, nothing is impossible.
      I wish you well as you venture in MLMs. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for sharing this in-depth review about Herbalife. Even though you say they are a legit company ( which they might be ) I personally don’t think I would join it for 2 reasons.

    1. You said that there products are not FDA approved which would make me worried about using them.

    2. Secondly I don’t like that I would have to recruit people and build a team to make money. 

    I think would rather choose a better way to earn an income online than use this company.

    Do you know anyone that has used these products or tried to make money them? If so how did it turn out?

    • Michael, thank you for sharing your reasons you wouldn’t engage with Herbalife. This would help them improve in that area. I indeed provided an option in case you found this review is not cut out for you.
      This product has been around for years and has happy customers and business partners as seen on their website. There are dissatisfied customers too who have turned to the BBB to complain.

  3. Nice article you have here.

    I have heard about herbal life for a few years now, I always thought it was anew company I never it dated back to 1980! I know is alegit company but selling the products is very hard because there are lots of competition out there and it is disadvantaged because it has not been approved by the drugs agencies. It is really not worth the stress and effort.


    • Thank you, Lizzychris, for your opinionated comment. I glad this review cleared a few facts you were not aware of and you had the opportunity to check if it works for you or not!
      I appreciate your comment.

  4. Being the first company to sell weight loss products, Herbalife has been always at the top well known for their great effective product’s nationwide.Herbalife is a major MLM company selling supplements, weight loss and beauty products. Their products are made from nature and hence have good recommendations…. Thanks for sharing this with all…

    • Herbalife entered a niche that needed its products and has dominated since. It has continually improved its products and innovated new ones. It is still around for potential Nutrition Independent Distributors to join and make some money.
      Thank you, Evans, for your comment.

  5. thanks for sharing this great article here with us,whilst reading the con’s of herbalife i came across the statement “Herbalife has had its fair share of complaints with an A- rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customers who have purchased the products give mixed reviews and the distributors’ reviews indicate their dissatisfaction”. If a product cant meet the needs of its customers or consumers then that product is a failure because the sole purpose of production was satisfaction.

    • Wilson, you are right. There are customers that have not appreciated the products Herbalife puts forward. But still, there are those that have positive reviews about it.
      I hope this review continues to help readers make the decision whether to go their business proposition or not.

  6. This is a great product review. I liked the graphs and the tables. It is also an in depth review. I do know herbalife, who doesn’t!

    The truth of the matter is, Herbalife has enjoyed huge success with its nutritional products. The products are pricey but quality always costs. The company is legit I agree with you.

    When it comes to their MLM program it might be profitable when the distributor starts recruiting. Even though I am not an MLM fan, I do know many individuals tasted success with an MLM business.

    • Thank you, Nektarios, for the feedback you have shared from an informed point of view.
      MLMs have worked for many and failed for some. You have interacted with successful Herbalife marketers and it has shaped your perception in a positive way. Such people give the moral for the rest to join.
      MLMs are not my preferred business too but I give credit where it is due.


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