Drop Shipping Business Opportunities – Start a Business Online

Drop Shipping Business Opportunities – Start a Business Online

Many people have developed the idea of doing business online with drop shipping in mind but have not really started. Many reasons could have led to this. However, if the matter is lack of a clear understanding of the subject, then stay with me! You can start a business online after reviewing the drop shipping business opportunities I have to share with you.

Drop shipping does not require a business to keep products in stock, but instead, the store selling the product passes on the sales order to a third-party supplier and also ships the request to the customer.

Please bear in mind that drop shipping is not a get-rich-quick scheme much as it may not require a lot of capital to start up.

Prepare to work hard to get business up and running by ensuring that you tick off the following from your to-do list.

Select a Favourable Niche

When you are making decisions on which niche to choose, it is advisable to get one that you are genuinely interested in. This will make marketing the product way easy for you; otherwise, if you are not passionate about your niche, most likely, you will get discouraged along the way and abandon the business.

Check if you meet the conditions below when choosing your desired niche.

  • Select higher-priced products since they will give you attractive profits, especially when you have done customer acquisition and good marketing.
  • Find products that are not locally available and position you to be the only source for that product.
  • Even though your supplier or manufacturer does the shipping, ensure that your products have low shipping costs. This makes customer retention easy since customers do not like getting products with high shipping costs.
    As an alternative to drive sales, you can absorb the shipping costs and deliver products to your customers for free.
  • Your products should be appealing to trigger impulse buying. This means that advertising around these products should be of high quality.
  • By using Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, ensure that you are actively searching for your product. If you make your own brand, you can be appealing to potential customers.

Carry Out Competition Research

Although finding a product to dropship that has low competition with high-profit margins is recommended, it is advisable to look for competitive products. When products have a high turnover, it is a sign that the business model is sustainable. This can make you money on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Esty; or even your very own online store. 

Avoid going for products with no competition because it is a sign that those products have no demand at all, or may have poor profit margins.

Remember that since you incur less in the storage of your inventory, your returns in each product will be low. This means you need a high turnover to make a good profit. Therefore, traffic to your website is significant and determines how much you will earn off your business.

Find a Supplier for Your Products

Invest time in conducting proper due diligence to find a dependable and competent supplier of your product(s). You will discover that most drop shipping suppliers are located overseas, or far from your location, therefore, communication is critical. 

There should be a fast response when placing orders. You should build repo and have confidence in each other. Satisfy yourself by asking as many questions as you can and learn what their production capabilities are; just in case you have a high demand for products to meet.
One of the most substantial online resources to identify and communicate with is Alibaba.

Other entrepreneurs are in the same business you intend to do or actively doing; get in touch with them and harvest their experience.

Build an eCommerce Website

A simple eCommerce platform like Shopify can help you quickly launch a website that supports a drop shipping business model right away. Building websites has been made easy that it is needless to have a background in Information Technology to get up and running. It has plenty of applications to help increase sales.

If it is within your means, you can hire a web design and development company to create custom solutions. With time, as you grow financially, you can explore additional website customization options to improve your customers’ user experience.

Generate a Customer Acquisition Plan

After you are sure you have a great product and have set up a beautiful website, it is right to start campaigns to attract customers. I highly recommend that you start with Facebook Ad campaigns. Facebook as the ability to get you the target market audience which allows you to generate sales and revenue right away. This levels the competition grounds against the largest brands and retailers immediately.

As a long term strategy, Search Engine Optimization and email marketing should also be a priority. Harvest emails from the start and set up automated email sequences that offer discounts and special offers. This allows you to leverage your customer base and generate revenue with minimal advertising and marketing costs.

Analyze Your Data for Optimization

Facebook conversion pixel data and Google Analytics data will help you a great deal when you need to track your website data and metrics about your business. Knowing where your customers come from and how they got to your website is fundamental in refining your conversion strategy. You will be able to test new options and fine-tune running adverts and campaigns.


It is reasonable to approach drop shipping when you already have a regular source of traffic or else you will find it hard to breakeven in the initial stages. The fact that there is a low barrier for entry means that you should expect a lot of competition, with many companies selling your exact same products, with years of experience and resources.

As a drop shipper, you depend on your suppliers to address any issues with customer orders and to address their concerns promptly. Any mismanagement of the supplier-customer relationship will drive customers to your competitors.
Drop shipping can help your eCommerce company improve business substantially, but it takes hard work to support your business on its own.

Is there an alternate business idea to drop shipping? You may ask! Check out my number one recommendation. You can build a website for free, get the much-needed training to get your business set up and you are guaranteed 24/7 support.

If you have any questions or comments about this blog, please leave me a message, I will glad to get back to you.

24 thoughts on “Drop Shipping Business Opportunities – Start a Business Online”

  1. Great information. So much on the internet and social media promoting drop shipping businesses. It’s hard to sift through all the marketing and propaganda to get the real information. You have cleared up alot of my questions with your detailed break down of the drop shipping business model. Thanks for the info, you have saved me time and money.

    • Thank you, Rex, for your wonderful comment. You are right that there is a lot of information on drop shipping and it can at times be contradictory. Many think that it is hard to start which is not true; while others make it look like a get-rich-quick venture which is not true.
      I am glad you find this blog helpful. Cheers.

  2. Hi,

    Is the way dropshipping works similar to affiliate marketing? Do you organize the shipping or does the supplier do that? Regarding Facebook ads, I heard that it may be difficult to get them noticed, even if they’re paid ads. You need to know how to set up those ads, that’s what I’ve been told. Do you have tips on setting up Facebook ads or is there a tutorial that you could maybe recommend?

    Google Trends is a great tool; I have used it to and it has been a good help. I have not tried out Google Keyword Planner but I will check that out too.

    • Hi Christine, dropshipping is when one owns their own store but order directly from a supplier and the supplier ships it to your customer. On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing is when you refer a customer to another business and take a commission if the customer makes a purchase.
      With dropshipping, it is the supplier that organises the shipping to the customer. 
      Regarding Facebook Ads, you can learn Facebook marketing online at your own pace with Facebook Business Helper Centre. With this guide, you should set up Ads the right way and get the visibility you need. Facebook will always update you with the metrics that show how well your advert is doing.
      Thank you, Christine, for the comment. 

  3. my first question is can these platform  be of scam that can affect me or my business.

    i suggest that these business opportunity should go round in the world and also make it attractive to the youth because it will make future in future.

    my opinion is that am glad to come in notice of these opportunity for they have just design someones future in a greater form.

    • Loveremma, whenever there is a business opportunity that attracts many entrepreneurs, scammers set themselves up to prey from unsuspecting online users.
      These scammers sell you a list of drop shipping orders and when you make the order, disappointment sets in when you realize the product doesn’t quite meet your expectations. The product may come from a different store and the quality compromised. This is what makes drop shipping lose popularity and potential customers.
      Drop shipping is a good business opportunity and I support your suggestion that the idea is sold the youth. 
      Thank you for sharing your ideas and commenting on this blog.

  4. so thoughtful of you to put up such an informative article on you keeping business opportunities to start a business online, I have in the search and read a lot of articles on this topic but I never did come across anyone at detailed as this very one, thanks for sharing I really appreciate your uncle…

    I look forward to trying this out have a great day ahead

    • Evansese, I tried to bring clarity on the subject of drop shipping, and I am excited to read your comment on how it has appealed to you. The beauty about drop shipping is that it is a proven business model, which is even used by large retailers like Amazon. It is good to be rolling with the “big boys”. Apart from Affiliate Marketing, there is no business idea that I find easy to start like drop shipping.
      Thank you for leaving a comment on this blog, and I wish you a great day too.

  5. Hi there,
    I must commend your efforts to put this article for us to benefit from. It’s a great pleasure to seeing this at this point of the year. A lot has happened this year and everybody is looking forward to seeing how to maximize profits at the lowest cost. From the review, it will be difficult for a newbie to venture in it as it requires some level of expertise and technicality.

    • Petergeorge, much as drop shipping is a good business venture, it requires a high level of commitment, besides some of your preferred companies may turn down your request to work with them. 
      What has to be put into consideration too is that some drop ship suppliers have inconsistent service, lengthy delivery times and difficult policies. 

      It is true drop shipping may not work for many newbies, that is why I recommend a business opportunity that perfectly fits the profile of many newbies. I hope you find it appealing to you.

  6. Hello dear
    Wow, what nice content you have here I stumbled into this post while doing some research online. I must commend your efforts in putting up such helpful information online. I have actually learnt a lot and it has been valuable to me finding a very good article. This does not come so easy so I must commend your efforts in growing such a stunning internet site and mention an article to help others with good facts like this. Thanks.

    • Dear Monday
      I hope that this article addresses your research needs and I deeply appreciate your positive comments on this blog. It gives me the moral to invest more time in the research of more articles. 
      I wish you the best in your endeavours.

  7. Hellooo dear, thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing post with us all. What an amazing content you have here I was with a colleague doing some research online when we saw your post online, we believe this is exactly what we need to take on as our business to the next level. What a great site this is! 
    I am looking forward to sharing your link with like-minded people as I know they will be interested in joining you here to interact and share stories about these unique posts, and I am sure you will offer some really interesting articles along the way, so thank you.

    • Skuchmane, I am grateful that you always read my blogs and go a step further to leave me comments. 
      I hope this blog goes a long way in answering the questions of your research topics.
      It is fine to share the link to this blog and other blogs as well. I hope your colleagues find these blogs helpful.
      Stay safe. 

  8. Hello there, thanks for sharing this amazing content out here with us. I must confess I really did enjoy going through this article of yours as it contains valuable information one needs to be aware of in a time like this to decide on what online business to get started with. Thanks for sharing this

    • Philebur, I appreciate the fact that you always read my blogs and leave me comments. It is nice to know that you have liked the content of this blog. I hope it helps in forming a business idea or in benchmarking with other ideas you have. I wish you the best in your endeavours. 

  9. Hello there. A big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and educative post on drop shipping business opportunities. Before now I never really had any concise knowledge about drop shipping. It’s really a nice platform I must say. Now I can boost of a good understanding of drop shipping and how it does work.

    • Thank you, Thousand, for leaving me a valuable comment about the relevance of this blog to you. It is a good feeling to know that it has made an impact on you. I am encouraged to do more. Stay safe.

  10. As a starter in the world of online business affiliate marketing I didn’t fully understand what drop shipping could be all about, and how it is different from affiliate marketing. This article has really increased my understanding. I’m grateful to you for your time and effort spent in coming up with such a detailed article. 

    • Hillary, it is my pleasure that you have found this blog relevant to you and has brought clarity on two major subjects in the business arena. I also appreciate the time you spent reading this blog and for the comment. Thank you. 

  11. Dropshipping is a great way to make money because there is no overhead cost, product handling, and all of that other stuff. Once you can get the customers this business can be very lucrative, This type of business has been around for some time and so many people are involved because of the kinds of money that can be made. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Norman, a business without overhead costs and shields you from physically handling the product is worth reviewing. The trick lies in getting customers for the business and maintaining a presentable website. Drop shipping has benefitted many and there is room for many more businesses.
      Thank you, Norman, for leaving me a comment.

    • Joseph, drop shipping is still growing and offers opportunities to make money online. Provided you have the zeal to work, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.
      I am glad you left me a comment. You are much appreciated.


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