Avon MLM Review – The Honest Opinion

Avon MLM Review – The Honest Opinion

You might be into beauty, household, and personal care products and wish to find a legit way to make money from home. In this Avon MLM review, I will share my honest opinion that should guide you on whether to join their business plan or not.

Allow me to congratulate you for taking time off to research the Avon MLM opportunity. The majority of multi-level marketing newbies lose money as a result of starting right away without understanding the business model. So let us go through the Avon MLM landscape together.

Avon MLM, Product Overview

Avon Products Inc., founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell, is a multi-level marketing company in beauty, household, and AVON Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir 20mlpersonal care products. By the end of 2018, it had annual sales worth USD 5.5 billion.

With its headquarters in London, England, Avon has over 25,000 employees and 6.4 million sales representatives making it the second-largest direct-selling company after Amway. Its other contenders are L’Oreal and Estée Lauder.

It has its most extensive manufacturing facilities in China but has other spread over 39 countries worldwide, and their reasonably priced products can be purchased online.

Avon believes in the power of community and the passion of allowing women to take financial control over their lives and their families through their business model.

The Good and the Bad About Avon MLM

The Good About Avon MLM

  • The company has been around for over 133 years, which shows their hold on business and credibility. Avon Ultra Color Lipstick - Cozy Mauve
  • There is lifestyle flexibility as an Avon representative since you can make your tailor-made business schedule
  • There is easy access to a Team Leader who can mentor you to build your business step by step
  • The company offers a unique KickStart Program that helps Avon representatives to learn the ropes and get business quickly. This program can earn them a functional commission of 40% instantly without necessarily making big money sales.
  • With its $25 product pack, the startup costs as an Avon representative is low
  • Avon runs a global scholarship program that benefits the children and even grandchildren of Avon representatives; to enable them to attain education

The Bad About Avon MLM

  • To make it as an Avon representative, you have to build a solid team which requires you to scan your area and recruit women who are exceptionally good at sales, recruiting and marketing
  • It is a business that requires a lot of commitment and dedication to make money. You have to be exceptionally good at what you do to get new signups.
  • There is heavy competition from many players in the beauty products market. You have to come up with innovative ways to sell the rest of the companies out.
  • Much as Avon representatives get access to their own branded web portal. It is pretty hard to get visibility online since there are many representatives with a similar website like yours and have been online longer. So it will be hard making sales online.
  • The promotional methods used have not changed in a long time, so with time, it may seize to help you compete with the new companies that come on board. Besides, customers will know what your presentation routine and this affects your conversion rate.
  • Avon has been had its fair share of lawsuits over the years just like most MLMs

Who is Avon MLM For?

Since the inception of Avon, it is in the DNA of the company to support women. They even launched stand4her, aVDL Cosmetics Lumilayer Primer Holiday Set global programme aimed to create opportunities for women. Under this programme, Avon expects to improve the lives of 100 million women each year until 2030. The goal is to enable women to reach their full potential and to enhance their earning potential.

Avon sisterhood is one the largest network of women in the world, where the Avon family can air out critical issues that affect them and mentor each other. This network goes to show that Avon MLM is more inclined to benefit female representatives.

Avon MLM Compensation Plan

Avon is famous for the fact that a representative can make money without necessarily recruiting a member. In other words, you can make income by selling alone with commissions ranging from 20% to 50%. However, you are better off joining a recruiting team.

Just like most MLMs out there, the compensation plan Avon offers is equally not easy to understand. It was also not easy to find on their official website but through an Avon representative’s website.

As seen from the compensation plan above, you can make money with Avon MLM by:
· Retail commission of 20% to 50%
· Qualified recruit where you get USD 20 bonus if they spend USD 150 in their first two months
· Sponsoring were to earn a 3% bonus on recruit sales
· Promotion as you go up the ranks
· Mentor as you go up the ranks
· Generation bonus where you get a bonus on 70% of your teams’ sales
· Leader bonus which has its basis on the sales in your downline

Avon MLM Support

To earn money as an Avon representative, you can choose to be either a beauty advisor (one who sells products directly to colleagues or online) or a beauty entrepreneur (one who fully earns from selling Avon products).

Beauty entrepreneurs offer more support to new Avon representatives by way of training.
Every new agent is given an Avon representative log account which has training material. It also allows access to online links and videos that ensure they meet their individual goals.

Avon MLM Price

You need to buy a starter kit to become an Avon representative. They have three options available from which you can choose.

The USD 25 Quick Starter Kit, the USD 50 Advanced Starter Kit and the USD 100 Premium Starter Kit. Of course, the premium kit offers you in products and samples, as well as more sales tools and training.

The kit you choose does not matter; you will get free online training and a free personal website.

Remember that this business has costs you incur. For instance, if you cannot sell Avon products worth USD 50 in a month, you will need to buy $50 of Avon products yourself or your account gets suspended. Any future sales you make will not be count as a credit to you.

You have to keep in mind that packaging costs, offline and online marketing costs, will have to be factored in your business plan.

My Final Opinion of Avon MLM

There is no doubt that Avon sells affordable and legit products. It is impressive that the company has stood the test of time and made a lot of money for itself and its representatives.

However, this is what I think!

You can make good money with Avon MLM by recruiting many people. The pressure to recruit makes it more of a pyramid scheme since the majority of people you bring on board may not make money.

With affiliate marketing, you do not have to worry that the people you recruit will not be happy at one time. You can still promote your Avon products without the hustle of chasing for people for sales. It is entirely free to start.




$20, $50 & $100










  • Credible company
  • Allows lifestyle flexibility
  • Easy access to a Team Leader
  • Offers a unique KickStart Program


  • Requires a lot of commitment and dedication
  • Heavy competition from many players
  • No change in promotional methods
  • Lawsuits

6 thoughts on “Avon MLM Review – The Honest Opinion”

  1. Thank you

    What a great article,

    I have had experience with Avon as it has been around for such a long time. Back in the 1970’s my Mum used to do Avon and I loved her sales case. I remember her going door to door as the time and only really earned money for her to buy products. My sister in law now does it but again mainly for the products so just sells to family and friends.

    I have looked at all those MLM products but I found that I did not want to spend time recruiting as you are right in that it is the only way  to earn big money.

    I am so pleased I found WA as the community is amazing and I am learning so much. I truly believe that my hard work and efforts will come to fruition.

    Thank you

    • Imelda, thank you for sharing your own experience with Avon. You have seen how it works and tested affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. You have the expertise to confirm what works best, especially if you are not interested in the door to dor marketing.
      Thank you for your excellent contribution to this post.

  2. Years ago I used to be an Avon marketer then I stopped. The reason being is that I live in a small town and there were just too many reps around. I believe that you can succeed in marketing Avon and earning a decent bit of cash on the side. I also love the quality of Avon products and having sensitive skin, Avon products do not aggravate the skin and their prices are really reasonable too.

    • Anglewolf, thank you for being part of this review by offering your first-hand experience selling Avon products. It can be tough to engage in an MLM business when the market is saturated. There always a limit to what you can make with a lot of work.
      Much as Avon products are top-notch, making money with them may not present the same level of excitement. 

  3. Hi Edgar, 

    Promoting good quality products through MLM and networking is a good idea when it was implemented effectively. That brought back fond memories of promoting pure air-purifiers from France. I had lots of fun building good relationship with potential prospects and business owners. Putting myself in their shoes. And believing in the products and the benefits. It is important to have a good network of friends and acquaintances who support you in the long run. Hence, not many MLM and networking members operate with solid sales ethics. In the quest to meet sales targets and move up the network for bigger commissions. I had seen many succeeded big time while others fail. Well, it is about the people and team. Just like selling insurance, investment products and real estates. Working towards building people up and the network will grow over time. It is important to do a good research, attend the seminars and interact with sales associates to have a feel first before joining. 

    My question is: What do a new prospect able to know which are the legitimate MLM and networking companies online prior to joining?

    To your success,

    David Koh

    • I appreciate your comment, David. You surely have good knowledge have these MLMs work. It all comes to having social connections and a good work ethic.
      To answer your question, a prospective business representative can know which MLM is right for them by doing some research. They can read as many MLM reviews as they can that can help them form the right decision. YouTube video too can be of great help.


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