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Welcome to Online Wallet Booster – A website that publishes content on how to make extra money online and allow you to have more money in your purse or wallet. You will learn about Affiliate Marketing and how to avoid online scams.

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I have actively been engaging with the Internet for 15 years now trying to find ways I could make money online.

I realized that there are countless legitimate ways to make money on the Internet. On my journey online, I have lost money on some online businesses I set up due to the mistakes I made. These mistakes have taught me valuable lessons; so I now know the things that work.

I decided to create this website in order to help others who want to achieve their dream of making money online.

With a little patience and dedication, I am sure the information shared will yield the desired results.



After trying many online businesses like Forex Trading, Freelance writing and Online surveys, I tried Affiliate Marketing and came across the real secret of making money through Wealthy Affiliate!

I highly recommend it because it has excellent training tools, a vibrant online community and yet is affordable. It has helped hundreds of frustrated and struggling people; giving them hope. I have seen newbies graduate to successful online Affiliate Marketers. I will see to it that I help people go through this platform with ease.

With the number of internet users increasing, so is the number of online scammers. My skill set will be put to use to save many internet users from scams.



Do you have some writing skills? Do you have a wish to own a website? Do you want to supplement your current income? Are you a new carrier seeker? Are you a retired individual? Are you in search of online markets? Are you a blogger?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, the goal of this website – with my personal assistance – is to guide you to your goal by helping you create your own online brand. You will learn how to earn lots of cash through Wealthy Affiliate earning programs and many other Affiliate Programs.

Edgar Ahimbe - Online Wallet Booster



All the best,

Edgar Ahimbe


12 thoughts on “About Ahimbe – Online Wallet Booster”

  1. Hey I hope you don’t mind me calling you Edgar.

    I know from experience how frustrating it can be trying to earn money online. As time goes, more people will be in need of resources such as the one you’re offering to steer them in the right direction and help them actualize their financial goals.

    As you rightly pointed out, with the increase in the internet usage comes an increase in dubious individuals as well but I have no doubt your years of experience and skill set will come in handy to help people boost their wallets.

    Good to meet you.

    • I appreciate your positive comment that encourages me to build this website.
      The aim is to help as many people as possible to find the right information on the internet and get value for money or make money.

      It is great to meet you too, Lyke. 

  2. Hi Edgar

    Your content is brief and to the point. I respect that because I always struggle to go straight to the point. I also think promoting WA affiliate is a wise move as it is indeed an excellent platform for people who wish to learn about affiliate marketing. However, there very nice banners that WA provides which I think you should have added one or two with a view to catch the eyes of your audience. Other than that you have added an easy to understand article.

  3. Hi Edgar, thank you for volunteering to be the ‘canary in the coalmine’ regarding online scams.  It’s a sad fact of life that whenever new platforms for doing business come along, there will always be people using those platforms to take advantage of others.  First it was door-to-door salesmen, then telemarketers at dinnertime and now online sales/trading systems. 

    Please be that beacon of light to help guide others to safety so that we can all succeed in making a better world.

    • Canary in the coalmine is a wonderful metaphor. I like the sound of it!
      From the experience I have had with scammers, I would not want anyone to fall for their tricks. I will do what is in my means to stop them.

      Thank you for encouraging me on and together we shall make the internet space a better place.

  4. Your website speaks to concerns among those who are searching for a safe place to plug in to the online business world.  It is clear that you are speaking from experience, and with a definite desire to help someone(s) in identifying scams and avoid needless losses.  

    In addition, you have left information concerning Wealthy Affiliate as the place to plug in for affiliate marketing.  This will help those who are looking.  Best of luck in your endeavors.

    • Thank you, Earl, for leaving me a message on this post. Wealthy Affiliate is a tried and tested platform that has over Two Million users have a feel of what it has to offer; the positive reviews are overwhelming. I highly would recommend it to all internet users willing to make passive income online.
      Best of luck in your endeavours as well.

  5. After reading your article, I think you are qualified to provide good advice to many newbies, including me, on how to run the online business because of your 15 years experience.  I have just joined Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months and am now working hard to write my check my content on website.  Some improvement have been attained but no pennies have been earned yet.  I know there are skills and methods that I need to learn and apply.  

    Looking forward to reading your coming articles.  Thank you.


    • Dolbe, I have been trying my luck with many things online for a while but it was in recent years that I got more inclined to follow the subject of making money online. The payment methods and money remittance systems did not favour me earlier to be very active at the time. 

      I am glad that you joined Wealthy Affiliate and the three months are good enough to make you appreciate the platform. Keep on training, learning and inviting your friends to join you. It is totally worth it!

  6. I have heard great things about Wealthy Affiliate. Because of the great things I heard, I became a member in September 2019, but I am struggling to keep my focus. I know Wealthy Affiliate has fantastic training, including lessons, videos, live streaming presentations. It also has a great community of 2 million members. And many examples of successful stories.

    My problem is, I have written only a handful of blog posts, and I need to speed up my productivity. Do you have any advice to become more productive and take advantage of the great things that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer?

    • Jose, I am glad you have joined Wealthy Affiliate. I am sure you will check out a number of motivational blogs by its members on Staying Focus. I know that there are moments when time may not be your ally at times but we can always catch up when it is our favour.

      Productivity is of much importance when it comes to online businesses. It is what separates the contenders and the achievers. What I can advise is that you check if you have been doing the following:-

      1) Set yourself goals related to your online business
      2) Set time limits to each task related to the goals
      3) Perform one task at a time; avoid multitasking
      4) Work hard to accomplish each task and DO NOT give up.

      I hope these tips will help achieve a lot with Wealthy Affiliate.


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